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Confessions of Rapid City on Facebook

For fellow Rapid City folk, there's a Facebook page you might find interesting if you haven't already found it. It's called Confessions of Rapid City and it allows an anonymous place to 'confess' your thoughts and deeds. Whether this is a good thing or not is in the eye of the reader, but at the least it can remind that you are doing better than lots of people out there. They offer a Google form to create your anonymous confession and allow you to post comments anonymously, as well. They are pretty popular at 5,199 likes as of this writing.

I've been amused by some of what I've read and rolled my eyes at other things. True to the internet culture, the comments can be more rewarding to the reader than the confessions themselves. The replies have for me have been a personalized version of 7 Degrees as I see people I met one time years ago telling people to get off the pity party or people I know of yet have never met personally.

I only mention it here because it offers an interesting insight into the younger culture of our city. We all have no doubt that social media is a necessary component of today's society and the generations who have evolved with the growth of the internet. Many of the posters are younger than the internet, in fact. Facebook is a place where it is increasingly difficult to keep your personal persona and your public persona separate, and the chance to still remain anonymous is appealing. Seeing what concerns the populous is usually disappointing, but can still pass the time. The largest percentage of confessions offered on Confessions of Rapid City show relationship woes and people incapable of recognizing their own poor choices as part of the problem. Perhaps that is an inherent part of the psyche of a person who wishes to confess anonymously online in a public forum.

Anonymous confessions have become big internet culture in the past year with apps such as Whisper and Secret. The danger of course being that there's really no such thing as anonymous when you're online. Advertisers can still track you and so can the government and your ISP. Whether or not that is an issue depends on you.

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