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Confessions, Anonymous and Teachers video goes Viral

Teachers in a Los Angeles high school turned the tables on the students and made a video that went viral. The teachers, being good sports, took messages that appeared on social media (Twitter mostly) and made the video to teach the students that what they put on social media sites (Twitter, FB, Instagram etc.) stays live on these sites.

Internet Safety

While most users of these sites are just saying things “off the lip” and what’s going on in their lives at the time, some users choose some nasty ways to express their displeasure with a teacher or event. The hashtag (#) is usually after the 140 character note on twitter is the notation of what the person has written. Illustration: Teacher has huge cubbies and totes needs to get rid of them and not on me when he leans over me #Disgustingdog

That one tweet from that student remains on this social media platform and potentially to 500 different friends and acquaintances. Most teens, of high school age, have amassed a large following of people on their social media sites.

So what- students in Calgary and area have more sense than that?

Airdrie RCMP- In February 2014 were warning teens that a “so-called anonymousTwitter feed was collecting confessions about their sex lives and is not private. Some of the many of the confessions had taken on a sexual tenor, some with raw and graphic notes. One note appears to intimate an assault- citing a teen who says she had sex with her boyfriend even though she didn't consent to it.

This “anonymous” site claims to have been started by two teens, but postings on the site connected to the Twitter feed also claim that several people are handling the Twitter feed. One question was asked on the site asks how the feed works. The site response says: "You put a confession, whatever you want, in the ask box just how you asked this question and we post it on the Airdrie confessions Twitter page. It's all anonymous."

This site has since been taken down.

Southern Alberta ICE (Internet Child Exploitation) unit forewarns that: Any and all online activity leaves a digital indentation and that anything sent to the site, particularly if it insinuates illegal behavior, can be investigated. Internet users, who are tech-savvy, including sexual predators, can also trace postings.

Further notation from the site states those who are reading a user’s secrets could be adults who could be searching for other private information online.

Every so often Twitter breaks- like it did when Ellen’s selfie on stage at the Oscars. In the longest length time, one could even see private Tweets when one used Twitter search. Students, tweens, teens don’t necessarily think about the length of time a statement or PM can be seen either intentionally or as a result of a glitch in the system. Regardless of where a student resides they need to be aware of what can happen and the consequences of this action. If one gets an errant PM hit delete.

Technology is a wonderful, educational, and unfortunately some people lie in wait for anyone (Tweens to Adults) to prey on for their own gratification. Twitter, Instagram and even Facebook are popular for their direct reach to one and one's likes and dislikes. The down-shot of the reach is that people one wouldn't want to see one's private or direct messages can through blips in the program or covert means of extracting this information. Telling or confessing thoughts on the internet is not the best idea- the internet is not always anonymous.

If anyone experiences an emergency please call: 9-1-1

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