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Confess the whole Catholic faith, not just part of it, Pope says

In his homily for daily Mass this morning at the chapel of the Vatican's St. Martha Residence, Pope Francis reminded the congregation that the virtue of faith causes all things to be possible, so long as those with faith are willing to fully confess it, and entrust themselves completely to God. “The strength of faith has overcome the world!” the Pope triumphantly declared, “Our faith can do everything! It is victory!”

Pope Francis reminds us that if we have a small amount of great faith in the Lord, that faith can accomplish anything.
Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images

“Faith makes all things possible,” the Pontiff said. “Whoever abides in God, whoever is begotten by God, whoever abides in love, has victory over the world,” said the Pope, “and this victory is our faith – on our part, it is the faith. On God’s part, it is the Holy Spirit who makes this abiding, this victory possible through faith…it is powerful!”

“The Church is full of defeated Christians who do not believe in this, that faith is the victory,” the Pope said, saying that Christians need to remind and repeat to themselves the reality of the power of faith “because if you do not live this faith, there is defeat, the world wins, the prince of this world.” The Holy Father reminded his listeners that Jesus praised the faith of the man born blind, as well as the Canaanite, or non-Israelite woman. “This faith affirms and requires of us two attitudes: confessing and trusting. Faith means confessing God – the God who revealed Himself to us, from the time of our fathers down to the present: the God of history,” preached the Pope.

“It is one thing to recite the Creed heartily, and another merely to parrot it, no?” the Pontiff asked, “I believe, I believe in God, I believe in Jesus Christ, I believe – but do I believe what I am saying? Is this a true confession of faith or is it something I say somehow by rite, because it is the thing to say? Do I believe only halfway?”

“Confess the Faith all of it, not part of it! Safeguard this faith, as it came to us, by way of tradition: the whole Faith!,” the Pope exclaimed. “The man or woman who has faith relies on God: entrusts himself or herself to Him! Trusting in God is what leads us to hope. Just as the confession of faith leads us to the worship and praise of God, so trust in God leads us to an attitude of hope.”

Many Christians, the Pope said, suffer from “a hope too watered down, not strong: a faint hope, they do not have the strength and the courage to trust in the Lord. But if we Christians believe confessing the faith, and safeguarding it, taking custody of the faith, and, entrusting ourselves to God, to the Lord, we shall be Christian victors. And this is the victory that has overcome the world: our faith.”

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