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Conference Reorganization may affect Colorado

The UMC redraws conference boundaries this summer.
The UMC redraws conference boundaries this summer.

In June, the United Methodist Church will redraw the borders of several of their annual conferences. Some of these changes may affect Colorado, currently part of the Rocky Mountain Conference.

Annual conferences are administrative divisions within the church. The majority of the changes this summer will occur in East Coast conferences, including several New York conferences, which will merge to form the Upper New York Conference and several other conferences in the Pennsylvania area, which will become the Susquehanna Conference.

The administrative changes are taking place due to a reduction in UMC members in these areas. Four of the five major US jurisdictions are required to eliminate one bishop this year, and the restructuring will facilitate that process. In the Western Jurisdiction, a merger has been proposed to consolidate the Rocky Mountain Conference with the Yellowstone Conference. The resulting conference would be called the Mountain Sky Conference. However, both existing conferences are already under the jurisdiction of a single bishop, and so no change in personnel would occur.

The Rocky Mountain Conference meeting to finalize these changes will occur June 17-20 in Denver.