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Conference officials demand coach's suspension, or ban team from playoffs

According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette on Wednesday, the WPIAL relayed a harsh message to the Greensburg Central Catholic school. In order for the basketball team to compete in the playoffs, the school must "suspend the head coach for three games."

Why must the coach be suspended for three games? It’s because overzealous refs have an over inflated sense of self worth.

After a game that GCC lost to Mckeesport by three points in overtime, coach Greg Bisignani apparently bumped Mike Tucci. According to Yahoo Sports, the referee’s story was corroborated by two area administrators. Here’s an excerpt by Yahoo- “North Catholic athletic director Mike Burrell and Gateway principal Bill Short -- reportedly corroborated Tucci's claim that an irate Bisignani made contact with him.”

Unfortunately, for these misguided educators, there is video proof that Greg Bisignani did not bump Mike Tucci. In fact, as Tucci was backing away from the scorers table, coach made sure to get out of the way.

Here’s where the real problem is. The WPIAL does not have authority to discipline personnel at member schools. However, they do have the power to keep a school out of the playoffs. So, instead of trying to get the situation right, they’ll ruin a team’s season that has a (14-2) record.

That just shows that the WPIAL is not interested in getting it right. They are more interested in being right.

Greg Bisignani has categorically denied bumping the ref to, but it seems like his words have gone unnoticed. He states, “there was no contact.’

According to Ben Rhorback of Yahoo, “A third official reportedly even backed Bisignani. However, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Tucci, who has been refereeing for more than three decades, countered by telling the local high school athletics governing body that the incident has "affected me horribly. I have a very uncomfortable feeling as soon as I step on the floor."

If that’s the case, it’s time for Tucci to retire as a basketball official.


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