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Confederate States of America -- Vice-President Alexander Stephens

Alexander Stephens
Alexander Stephens

Confederate President Jefferson Davis surrounded himself with some interesting characters who served in his administration.

Alexander Stephens was his Vice-President. Ironically, Stephens of Georgia was a former member of the U. S. House of Representatives and was a friend of his fellow Congressman, Abraham Lincoln.

Stephens is most famous for his “Cornerstone Speech” early in the war, in which he pointed out that the war was due to the whites being superior to the blacks.

A lawyer by profession, Stephens served in the U.S. Congress for seven terms (1843-1859), resigning when Georgia seceded from the Union. He returned to Congress in 1873 and also served as Governor of Georgia.

A slight man weighing less than 100 pounds due to illness and an incident in 1848 where he was stabbed by a political opponent, he became known as ‘little Aleck.”

Stephen’s outward criticism of Davis’ handling of the Civil War had the two at odds frequently.

At the war’s end he was arrested and sent to prison in Boston for a period of about five months. He was then pardoned by President Johnson.

Stephens died in 1883 at the age of 71.

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