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Confederate States of America -- Davis Cabinet

Stephen Mallory

The Secretary of the Navy of the Confederate States of America was former U. S. Senator Stephen M. Mallory of Florida.

Mallory himself was born in Trinidad in the West Indies. He moved with his parents to Florida where he studied law. He served in the Second Seminole War. He was elected as a U.S. Senator from Florida and served as Chairman of the Naval Affairs committee.

The CSA had no navy at the beginning of the war. Mallory’s task was almost impossible, but he worked tirelessly to accomplish his task. Among his accomplishments was organizing the Confederate Torpedo Bureau and leading a navy which had a series of successful ships including the CSS Alabama, CSS Florida, and CSS Shenandoah and the famous ironclad CSS Virginia. He also was successful in providing a series of fast blockade runners to the cause. Mallory was successful in spite of spending time defending himself following an official inquiry concerning the Navy in their defense of New Orleans.

When the war ended Mallory fled along with the rest of the Confederate Cabinet. He was arrested on May 20, 1865 and held on an island in the New York Harbor. He spent a year incarcerated until he was pardoned by President Johnson. Upon his release he became an attorney. He died in 1873.

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