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Confederate General saved Lee at the battle of Antietam

Patrick Falci as A. P. Hill
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The Confederate General who said that he had no desire to live to see the collapse of the confederacy got his wish as he was shot and killed on this day, April 2, 1865. The Confederacy did indeed collapse as General Robert E. Lee surrendered just seven days later.

The general was Ambrose Powell Hill who was mostly known as A. P. Hill. He was one of “Stonewall” Jackson’s ablest generals, and fought with distinction in battles at Cedar Mountain, Second Bull Run, Antietam and Fredericksburg.

At the battle of Antietam in Sharpsburg, MD on September 17, 1862 General Hill and his men arrived late to the battle and just in time to save General Lee’s army from defeat.

Hill achieved the rank of Major General in the Confederate Army. A.P. Hill died in front of the lines at Petersburg, VA. He is buried in Richmond.

Fort A.P. Hill, located in Caroline County, VA is named in his honor. A WWII U.S. Navy ship also carried his name.

Patrick Falci, a New Yorker who portrayed A.P. Hill in the movie “Gettysburg”, continues to do living history programs as the Confederate General. Falci always wears his famous A.P. Hill red jacket, an iconic trademark of the Civil War general.

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