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Condom company offers solution to SCOTUS Hobby Lobby decision?

Hobby Lobby employees offered free condoms
Hobby Lobby employees offered free condoms
Sir Richard's Facebook

Americans have been hard at work trying to abolish the Supreme Court's recent controversial ruling that gave Hobby Lobby the right, as a corporation, to tell workers they must abide by their religious beliefs regarding health care, specifically contraceptives. However it was reported today that a Senate bill aimed at reversing the decision, also known as ‘Not My Boss’s Business Act’, was rejected with 56 votes in favor, 43 votes against, and one no-vote. According to, the bill needed 60 votes to proceed. But Hobby Lobby employees, fear not -- one Boulder, Colo., company is here help out.

According to the, manufacturer Sir Richard’s Condom Co. has pledged “free boxes of its product to any and all Hobby Lobby employees who ask for them.” Now Hobby Lobby employees will literally be covered for contraceptives, because the company Sir Richard’s is a condom company.

On July 11, Sir Richard’s Medical & Health Facebook page reached out to fellow citizens working for Hobby Lobby. “We believe everyone has the right to enjoy mind-blowing, safe sex. So, in honor of World Population Day, we are offering a free box of condoms to any Hobby Lobby employees who want them. Just message us on Facebook with your name and address and we’ll send you a free box of Sir Richard’s.”

Patty Murray (D-Wash.) shared her sentiments why the Senate needed to introduce a bill to push aside Hobby Lobby’s ruling. Murray said, “13,000 folks work for Hobby Lobby craft stores”, but they didn’t sign up to work for some religious dictator. Just a reminder Hobby Lobby operates in America, in case you forgot the land that gives everyone freedom to religion, regardless where or whom one works for. Other supporters of such a bill also included, Mark Udall (D-Colo.) and Tom Harkin (D-IA).

Wonder if other healthcare businesses will follow in Sir Richard’s footsteps and help employees who lost their health care coverage to contraceptives earlier this month.The Free Birth Control for Employees of Hobby Lobby campaign was a collaboration by a local Colorado ad agency, TDA_Boulder. Sir Richard’s coordinated this campaign to start Friday in alignment with “World Population Day.”

Hobby Lobby employees now have access to condoms, for free, because their bosses refused them health care based on religious ideologies.

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