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Conditions that can trigger a dog to bite

Dog owners need to be aware of the conditions that can trigger a dog bite.
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Every pet owner would like to think that their dog would never bite. But the truth of the matter is that dogs are dogs. And under certain “pressures” or “circumstances” they can invariably bite.

We’ve all seen it more than one time or another at the dog park, dog beach, or walking trail. A quiet scene turns into a growling fest. So many well-meaning dog owners get in the middle of breaking up a dog fight that they get injured in the process.

And we’ve even heard stories of dog bites at someone’s private home.

The Humane Society estimates that more than 800,000 people sustain dog bites every year, and from those numbers, 386,000 seek medical attention. Sadly, around a dozen of these victims succumb to their injuries. Due to “vicious behavior,” these dogs are euthanized.

While every situation may vary, here are the most common reasons as to why dogs may bite:

*A male dog which is intact or a female dog in season

*A dominant dog

*A restrained dog

*A dog which is in their home or yard, making them more territorial

*A dog that is eating or sleeping

*A female dog that is taking care of her pups

*An ill dog

*A blind dog

The responsibility of a dog owner is to watch for signals. And a professional dog trainer can help someone recognize these warning signs. If the animal presents any signs of being stressed or uncomfortable with the current situation, then action must be taken. Examples of these warning signs may include:

*A dog tucking its tail underneath its back legs which may result in fear biting

*Growling at people it knows or strangers

*The hair on its back rises with people or other dogs

*Its posturing changes and its eyes lock on

If encountering another person who wants to pet the dog while out on a walk, it’s perfectly fine to politely refuse. Just mention that the animal is in training.

At the end of the day it’s all about safety first.

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