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ConColor debuts its New Spring-Summer 2015 Collection At the Colombia Trade Expo

ConColor debuts its New Spring-Summer 2015 Collection at Swimsuit Fashion Show 'Botánica' at the Colombia Trade Expo
Courtesy of RaeCommunications.

The Founder and Designer of ConColor Imports, Isabel Osorio, presents for the first time her new 2015 swimsuit collection "Botánica", with an inspiration on the elements of a botanical garden.

This fashion show will be the launch of this beautiful and colorful collection at the Colombia Trade Expo on Saturday, August 23, 2014 at 7:00 PM at the Miami Airport Convention Center located at: 777 NW 72 Avenue, Miami, FL 33126.

Also, there will be fashion shows by: Fabrizio de Castro, Maty Machado, Alexotica, Orlando Gonzalez, Jhon Estrada, y Alfredo Barraza.

More information please visit:

About ConColor:
ConColor´s main objective is to offer products that create and transmit joy. This is achieved by creating products that not only have unique characteristics but that are also able to transmit feelings of happiness, pride, security and individuality. These feelings can only be generated by a product that has a very palpable added value; a product that provides high quality, is much more functional than other similar products and allows for both an exquisite look and touch.

The added value found in ConColor products originates from the point of view of a designer as much as from the unique skills of a craftsman, because they are created applying exclusive manufacturing processes and because their raw materials are only available in certain parts of the world. At the same time, ConColor promotes and provides economical growth in the regions where its products originate, as well as in areas where they are offered and sold.
For more information about the company visit or view video at ConColor Imports.

About the Designer:
ConColor was founded in 2011 by Isabel Osorio. Isabel is the current owner, President, and designer of this great company.

As a good Colombian, Isabel is cheerful, enterprising, persistent and with a great sense of responsibility. Daughter of parents that were architects, Isabel always knew the importance of having aesthetics, design, and color in all aspects of her life. She moved to the United States of America in pursuit of her American dream; to obtain a higher education. She graduated with honors and obtained a bachelor’s of science in Biomedical Engineering, a career that she still practices successfully today.

When she arrived to the United States of America, she always missed deeply the typical folkloric culture of her country, one which is expressed in all aspects of the lifestyle of its people through the use and combination of color.

She decided to open her company ConColor, a company dedicated to offering special products, products containing an added value that will not only reflect her values and culture, but that also generate opportunities for economic growth.
Since a very early age, Isabel has designed a number of products, always having as an objective, their aesthetics, their presentation and their functionality. This is perhaps the secret of her success, the ability to achieve harmony, in her sensitivity for color combination and aesthetic, and her deep understanding of the impact that these have on each of us.

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