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Conclusion of interview with "Wine Lady" Lauren Cannon of The Secret Cellar

The Secret Cellar - the periwinkle house can't be missed at its 4-way-stop location in Swisher, IA.
The Secret Cellar - the periwinkle house can't be missed at its 4-way-stop location in Shueyville, IA.
Photo by Sonya Heilmann

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And here's the conclusion of the interview with Lauren Cannon, owner of The Secret Cellar wine boutique in Shueyville, IA:

How about a favorite wine and cheese pairing - one that's your go-to comfort food when you just want to put your feet up and relax?
I'm nuts about an aged cheddar cow's milk cheese (like the Dubliner Kerrygold) paired with Artesa Elements, which is a red blend made of primarily Cabernet and Merlot. The combination is powerful and sassy!

If I want to treat myself to something on a "delicate me day," one of my absolute favorite wine and cheese marriages is a soft goat cheese with any Champagne.

What kinds of wines are most popular during the outdoor grilling season?
Syrah/Shiraz for sure! The spiciness in the wine is a great match for BBQ season. Also, Spanish Tempranillos and Chilean Cabernets work great, too.

People that like sweet wines to counterbalance their spicy BBQ love German Rieslings and this new Australian wine I just got in called "Frisk." It's sweet, a little bubbly, and so delicious!

Have you ever had glögi (or glögg - a warm, mulled wine) in the wintertime? If so, what did you think of it?
The first time I had glögg was in France, and I loved it! The toasty-warm cinnamon and clove aromas made me feel like I was in grandma's kitchen. I now sell mulling spices so my customers can make their own homemade glögg wine to warm them up in the winter!

What are some of your more popular wines?
You know, a few years ago when the movie "Sideways" came out, Pinot Noir was all the craze.

Now people are becoming savvy to the incredible values coming out of South Africa (like Chenin Blanc) and Australia (like Shiraz) and Argentina (like Malbec).

Something else really exciting is also happening right now: lots of people who have never drunk wine before are starting to try it.

This is making Moscato and Riesling wines (like Frisk) fly off the shelf: it's great!

Is there any information about The Secret Cellar that you'd like to pass along? Info that one may not find on the website?
Lots of people are looking for something different and fun to do. (Moms: definitely consider this for a parents' night out!)

Here is where "Wine & Wiggle" comes into play. In addition to the wine classes I teach, my husband (Mark Cannon of Cannon Dance Studios) and I also teach a class together. The first hour is wine education and sampling. The second hour is a basic dance lesson. For $30/person, this class has been wildly popular!

(Please see the first half and second half of an interview with Mark Cannon for his background.)

The Secret Cellar information


1205 Curtis Bridge Rd. NE
Shueyville, Iowa

Phone number:

(319) 841-2172


Monday - Friday

1:00 PM - 7:00 PM


11:00 AM - 7:00 PM

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