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Conch Republic Independence Celebration Winding Down


Friday was the Giant Key Lime Pie, 450 pounds of eggs, condensed milk, key lime juice, sugar and pie dough.  The meringue topping had to be browned with blow torches.

Entrant in the 2009 Red Ribbon Bed Race
Wendy Wilson

Friday was also the Great Bloody Battle. The Bloody Battle was different from previous years as the rules were changed concerning what ammunition could be used. In past years rotten food and LOTS of stale Cuban bread have been favored ammo. No longer. Key West Harbor is a “No Discharge Zone” and that includes food. The water cannons are still allowed, but no Cuban Bread. However, the Conch Republic did get a special permit allowing the Conch Republic Air Force to use 100 rolls of marine grade toilet paper to bomb the U.S. Border Patrol, played cheerfully by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Today was the 27th Annual Red Ribbon Bed Race, touted as “the most fun you can have in bed with your clothes on”. Beds must follow the few rules to be entered but otherwise, anything goes. Color, materials, theme, all are up to the individual teams.

But fret not! There are still a lot of events scheduled for Sunday, April 25, the final day of the 29th Annual Conch Republic Independence Celebration.

The final round of the “Thin Blue Line” Mini Golf Challenge at Boondocks, which is on Ramrod Key at MM 27.2, will determine the champion from among the 16 finalists. A tough fought battle to be sure.

The final leg of the Wrecker’s Race, which is a one-way race out to the reef, celebrating Key West’s long-standing Wrecker History, will be held starting at 1 pm. One of the best places to watch from is Mallory Square, itself the place of vast quantities of fun during the nightly Sunset Celebration.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Great Conch Republic Stargazer Cruise aboard the schooner Adirondack II. This trip will enable you to see one of the unique sights of the skies – both the Northern and Southern Cross. Key West is one of the few places on the Earth where that can be seen.

Enjoy and be sure to plan on a return trip next year. The 30th Annual Conch Republic Independence Celebration is sure to be a winner.


  • Patty Davis 5 years ago

    It seems that it is always party time in Key West.

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