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Concerts at Sundance 2014 continued

The Concerts at Sundance 2014 concert series continued into the end of the week and the local and national talent continued to display wicked talent. From Rock to Reggae to Blues and more, CAS picked a wonderfully diverse group of artists. Hotel Park City was amazing to accommodate this event. The patrons were great to support and enjoy the work and talent put into it all, as well.

Skyler Lutes
Natalie Jones
Bonanza Town performs in Concerts at Sundance
Natalie Jones

Wednesday, January 22nd at 6:00, the *Aaron Ball Band was back, this time starting the evening with their country rock-infused style. And what a start it was. Then at 7:00 was Skyler Lutes, who is a singer-songwriter/ guitar player from San Diego, had poppy music drenched in good rhythm, soothing soft rock undertone and romantic and/or heartfelt lyrics. His voice is similar to that of popular pop-punk vocalists. At 8:00 Singer-songwriter Meganne Stepka took the spotlight. Meg had an interesting style, some songs sounded like a darker form of rock. Her voice is pleasant in an almost otherworldly-sounding way and she was skilled at both guitar and piano. 9:00- The night finished off with Provo Indie artists, The National Parks. Their sound is something like The Lumineers, Mumford and Sons and Of Monsters and Men. A lot of talent, which brought people out because they wanted to know who they were, they stopped to listen and watch. Vocals were well done and all three members sound like seasoned professionals. The tunes were catchy and had a way of making the listeners feel a sense of cheeriness.

Thursday January 23rd, the show started at 7:00 with Katie McMinn, who has a voice that could calm the stormiest of seas. It’s so peacefully hypnotic and powerful. Accompanying herself on the piano, the synchronicity of it and her voice was harmoniously lovely. 8:00 brought *Jack+Jill back to rock the lobby with their cool Indie rock ways. It was another awesome performance. At 9:00 the show was closed out by Bonanza Town and their funky, Bluesy flair. The female lead definitely had the voice for it and the talent on guitar as well. Songs were fun and danceable. This band’s songs could fit in a Western-inspired film…hey, it was Sundance. It was another good season for musicians and Concerts at Sundance, at Hotel Park City.

Note: *These bands performed previously in this concert series and have already been written about. Those articles are easily accessed by clicking the links below.