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Concern, confusion after six-year-old boy stabbed in neck with pencil (videos)

There is a great deal of concern, as well as confusion surrounding the case of a six-year-old, California boy who arrived at school in perfect condition, and was picked up by his grandfather with a mechanical pencil dangling from his neck. Concern surrounds the father’s story that a bully assaulted his son, stabbed him with the pencil, and then ultimately, his son was left to wait for a ride from a family member instead of an ambulance being called. Confusion focuses on a new report saying there was no stabbing and the little boy actually fell on the pencil and lodged it into his skin accidentally.

Ruben Aguilar Jr. appears with pencil dangling from his neck
Ruben Aguilar Sr.

The known facts are as follows: On Feb. 27, 2014, Ruben Aguilar’s six-year-old son, Ruben Aguilar, Jr., went to the Crowell Elementary School in Turlock, California, and while there, suffered an injury to the neck that resulted with a pencil lodged in his flesh.

The school notified the emergency contact, Ruben Aguilar Sr., who was at the dentist. Ruben Aguilar Jr.’s, grandfather arrived to pick up the boy from school.

The school denies the family’s report that Ruben Aguilar, Jr. was a victim of bullying as well as the family’s allegations that the school has ignored bullying actions towards their son.

The question remains: Did the school follow proper procedures by having this child wait with a pencil dangling from his neck?

Ask any parent of a six-year-old child what they would do if their son or daughter walked into a room with a pencil piercing the skin and dangling from the neck and most would readily say they’d reach for the phone and call 911 immediately. The possibility of the pencil hitting an artery, interfering with the windpipe, or damaging the trachea seems all too plausible to let a moment go by without immediate medical attention. Most parents would say that the fear of an untrained person removing the pencil would be too great, and the possibility of the child himself or herself removing the pencil would seem a way to cause greater injury.

What is the likelihood some children would try to remove a pencil dangling from their pierced flesh?

What are the chances a child could fall or injure him or herself a second time while waiting for a “ride” home?

There are many questions as to the procedure followed in this case, and most parents will readily say, that their gut reaction is this was an emergency and immediate medical attention was required. According to the school, Ruben Aguilar Jr., left with his grandfather approximately 15 minutes after the incident. Whether or not proper protocol was followed is the heart of the issue.

Ruben Aguilar Jr., continues to state he was bullied.

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