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Conceptz: Rap Duo claims their spot in hip hop with new album release

Conceptz is a Rap Duo consisting of two brothers, Sha'quille and Leroy Brown originally from Orange County, New York. The brothers came together to form their group after the eldest, Leroy a.k.a. "Short Fuze" was the last artist standing on his Management/Label, Onyx. Now with Hydra Management , younger brother Sha'quille a.k.a "Highrowglyphix" became a bonafide equal partner of the group in 2012 after years of being under Short Fuze's wings. They released two albums and a few mixtapes as well as single releases every Friday for fun to gain more fans. They took a short hiatus to really focus on building a breakthrough album that would give them the longevity and notoriety they'd been working towards for years.

Hot new hip hop duo "Conceptz" from Orange County, New York

In May of 2014, the group released the album titled: "Marble Floors & Gold Ceilings". The album is getting the attention from industry movers and shakers who understand great hip hop. Some of the movers and shakers who joined this album include features from Wiz Khalifa, and the iconic 90's R&B Group "Tony, Toni, Tone".

Conceptz discussed their collaborations, writing inspirations, hip hop in the south, and who they compare themselves to in the music industry with Their current collaborations are singles: "Heart Strings" featuring Tony, Toni, Tone, and "It's Nothin;" featuring Wiz Khalifa. Both singles show the hard edgy side of conceptz and the musically eclectic side as well. When asked if they had to compare themselves to anyone in the industry, who would it be? They both responded that Atlanta rap duo "Outkast" is the only artists they would compare themselves to. The inspirations of their music comes from daily experiences and their fans. The song "Divorce" displays the very inspiration they're speaking of in which they feel the fans will get a relatable experience to help in their daily lives.

The Album: "Marble Floors and Gold Ceilings" is a must have in your iPod. The collaborations are a great addition to the album but is not a necessity for this group. They expressed the point that collaborations are a good thing but when you have a solid talent with great creativity like they do an artist doesn't have to have a feature from a major known artist.

The hip hop duo Conceptz can stand on their own with their musical versatility. They have Grammy Award winning musicianship and street cred hard rap skills in case they may need to go toe to toe in a rap battle. The group sounded off loud and clear about their sound compared to the "South" sound saying: "What we do is different and unique. South is popular and a great trend but what we do and what we are creating is something that will last a lifetime." - "Marble Floors and Gold Ceilings".

Conceptz music can be found and purchased for downloads on iTunes at:

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