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Concept artist continues illustrating 'League of Legends' skin ideas for fans

Various skin concepts for 'League of Legends' champions created by Riot Penguin
Various skin concepts for 'League of Legends' champions created by Riot Penguin
Riot Penguin

You might remember a post in early November that detailed a Riot Games concept artists skin sketches created for fans. Since then, Riot Penguin has been hard at work creating concept art based on fan submitted ideas.

Wrecking Ball Orianna, just one of the many concepts Riot Penguin has illustrated for fans.
Riot Penguin

Recently Penguin created a blog to answer some frequently asked questions and dump all of his works to one place for easy access.

"So here's the deal with these sketches - There are a LOT of skin ideas out there (from the Skins team, other Rioters, the community, etc) and we consider each one before moving forward with one," his blog reads. "That means during a brainstorm, I can definitely say 'Hey guys, check out this cool community idea!', but ultimately the final decision is made as a team."

He continues, "So yes, they are being made as fan art, not official Riot art - But no, that doesn't mean they're black listed from ever being made either. It just means that it's not up to any one person to decide which ideas we put into production."

The gallery above contains all of his creations since then including Twilight Leona (Basically a Diana skin), Wrecking Ball Orianna, and Styx Nami.

If you have your own ideas for Penguin to draw, make sure to check out the thread here. You can find him on Twitter as well.

Which of the skins is your favorite? Discuss in the comments below!