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Concealed Carry Handbags for Women Now a High Fashion Statement

Concealed carry handbag in tooled American leather
Concealed carry handbag in tooled American leather

According to pistolpacknmomma concealed carry handbags for women are now considered high fashion. That ultra chic woman at the mall? She may be packing heat. That beautiful woman at the table next to you in the restaurant? She may have a concealed Glock. The driving force (no pun intended) is that "they won't know you have it until you need to use it!" The main purpose of the handbag is to act as an everyday utility for a current occasion (you never know when you're going to need to pull one out), but a secondary purpose would be to add protection to a woman and her loved ones.

Designed by women for women, the concealed carry handbags are designed for efficient concealed carry weapon of choice. The bags are made from cowhides, suede, and hand rubbed leathers such as a tooled American cowhide handbag and an embroidered New Zealand lambskin. They have added features such as zippered pockets for organization, slash resistant straps, and easy access to the concealed weapon compartment.

All handbags have a concealed carry compartment that is designed specifically for a concealed weapon. Some bags are designed to carry a smaller semi-automatic, while others can accommodate any size of weapon. There is a holster inside the compartment that keeps the weapon stable. Each bag has padding that is used to keep the imprint of the weapon from showing while it is being carried in the compartment. Access to the weapon can be made from either left or right hand positions. The concealed compartment is designed at the back of the handbag, next to the body of the wearer. This allows the wearer to have easy access to the weapon by having a hand on the handle of the weapon without indicating this to other people. The handbags come in a range of styles from evening bags to classic everyday handbags to traditional totes.

According to pistolpacknmamma, "women have the right to own a weapon and also the right of self-protection", so now no longer does a woman need to include an unflattering addition to her ensemble to carry a concealed weapon.