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Conan O'Brien's son is fake? TV host confirms Greg Keating is not his son

Conan O’Brien has responded to the viral video that Greg Keating put up claiming he was the talk show host’s son. It took 24-hours and a few well-placed words, but on Tuesday afternoon the late night talk show host used social media to deny the allegation.

“A kid in New Jersey is falsely claiming to be my illegitimate son. For the record, I have three children: Neve, Beckett, and @ RonanFarrow,” tweeted Conan O’Brien from his official Twitter account on Tuesday. While the star might have been joking about one of his so-called kids, he didn't personally mention Greg Keating by name.

The funny part of Conan’s message isn't the denial of the issue, but how he describes Greg Keating. This elaborate viral video and the whole idea of him having a illegitimate son is completely minimized by suggesting the man is just a kid in New Jersey. While the description might be accurate, it still makes people wonder how the New Jersey man could mimic the talk show’s mannerisms host so well.

The bigger question of the whole Conan O’Brien son spectacle is if the Conan Show is orchestrating the entire event. Either way it is funny, but people are wondering how some random man gets so much publicity without help from a big talk show? Then again Keating did claim his mom was a television producer.

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