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Conan O'Brien is moving on (See Video)

After 17 years with NBC, Conan O’Brien bid farewell to the network during his last taping of the “Tonight Show” taping in Los Angeles last night.

Conan O'Brien

"Despite this sense of loss, I believe this should be a happy moment,” he said from the chair that once belonged to Johnny Carson. “Every comedian dreams of hosting 'The Tonight Show,' and for seven months, I got to do it my way with people I love. I do not regret one second of anything that we've done here."

It was reportedly a very emotional goodbye for O'Brien. Sources said that he had to fight hard to keep it together and he spent much of the day taking pictures with the crew. He had to hold back the tears during his monologue to all his fans and supporters.

Steve Carell, Will Farrell, Beck, ZZ Top and Ben Harper all made appearances on the show last night. Will Farrell did his rendition of "Free Bird."

Conan is not allowed to host a show for seven months according to the terms of his contract with NBC.

The staff (most of whom relocated from New York to L.A. seven months ago to stay with O’Brien) is reportedly “furious” at NBC for giving Conan less than a year to build ratings in the time slot, they seemed to forget their woes for one night and focus on the good times by drinking Jameson and partying on the incredibly packed stage immediately after the taping.

And although O’Brien has not signed with another network, he was overheard assuring pals that while his future is unknown he will certainly be “doing something."

Good Luck Conan, I know we will all enjoy your next project as much as we have enjoyed you in the past.


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