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Conan O'Brien doing stunts to advertise his show
Conan O'Brien doing stunts to advertise his show

It appears that Conan O'Brien, soon to recover from his TV exile, is planning something big for his new show. How do we know? If the cost and complexity of his advertising TV spots are any indication, his new show will be a “no holds barred” extravaganza. We can't wait.

A quick search of the Internet will turn up several of his special ads, but the one we have for you today really tops them all.

Take a look at what three bloggers have to say about the stunt, and about Conan O'Brien's return to the small screen.

RoyalJurist5 says, Talk about making a comeback! Conan O’Brien is promoting his new TBS late-night show with a dynamitetrailer. If you ask the funnyman, though, he’d swear the video was purely made as "top-notch entertainment" instead of an advertisement for his upcoming series, which premieres Nov. 8. And after seeing how he treats his stunt double in the clip, we wouldn’t want to push the issue!

Screen Rant tells us, Conan has released quite a few short TV spots teasing his return -- and they are all worth watching. If you are unaware of the TBS media blitz promoting Conan’s , you are missing out on the most hilarious moments on television right now

PopWatch writes, No one knows what the format of Conan O’Brien’s upcoming TBS talk show will be exactly, but after previewing some exclusive promo pics, our esteemed, scientific guess is: Gap commercial. Conan’s looking super-casual in a zip-up sweater and facial scruff. Is relaxed-fit Conan too cazh for cable?

Are you convinced? If Conan O'Brien's new show, the TBS Late-Night Show, can match up the the quality of his “ads”, then it will be something worth watching. We hope so, but then we're kind of used to people making grand promises and not delivering. You know, people. Politicians.