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Conair Curl Secret: The Ultimate Review

Conair's newest innovative hair tool
Conair's newest innovative hair tool
Courtesy of Conair

Confusing, mysterious and interesting are just some of the words used to describe the Curl Secret, Conair’s newest advancement in professional hair styling hot tools. An unusually shaped tool, this revolutionary styler promises to take the guess work out of curling your hair. Unlike traditional hot tools, the Curl Secret twirls hair into a hidden compartment and curls hair without effort. While the process may seem simple, many are left wondering if the tool actually lives up to its hefty promises. I put this innovative tool to the test and found that this remarkable hairstyling tool professionally curls hair with ease and delivers lasting results.


The creative design of the Curl Secret is what sets this styler apart from the rest. Hidden in the compartment is a small barrel curler that spins hair into a perfectly spiraled curl upon closer. Constructed with tourmaline ceramic technology, hair will be protected against harsh damage and left more shiny and smooth. While there is an art to use this revolutionary hot tool, the Curl Secret can be mastered by all.

Like all great hot styling tools, the Secret Curl allows two heat settings and three timer settings which allows hair to set in loose waves, medium curls or tight spirals. Not only does this phenomenal hair tool make for a more and professional curl throughout hair but curls maintain their shape long after their initial setting.

How It Works

First time users often times find themselves in a painful, tangled mess when they using the Curl Secret simply due to incorrect use. It is suggested to use half to one inch sections for shorter lengths and even smaller sections for those with longer hair. If too much hair is set in the tool or if hair is haphazardly set in the small area provided, hair will be pulled into the compartment in similar manner.

Part hair in even sections and work your way from one area to the next. Sectioned hair can allow you to properly set hair in the tool and will avoid tangles or mistakes. I advise first time users to start with a small piece of hair at the bottom of your hair. It will help you get a hang of the tool and test out which curl setting you like best.

Once a collection of hair is aligned and the Curl Secret is closed, hair is neatly wrapped around the hidden barrel in the curl compartment and quietly goes to work. After a notable pattern of beeps are alerted, the curl is ready to be released from the tool. Each curl matches the one prior and makes for an even, perfectly curled hair style.


As someone who has long, thick wavy hair, my curls lasted for four days. I opted for the tight spiral curls and feed a fourth of an inch section of hair through the tool. The result was a full, voluminous look of uniform curls. Each one was perfectly spiraled and smooth. Due to my hair type and length, the process was quire time consuming. However, the results were lasting, manageable and looked lovely.

Not only is this look great for free flowing hairstyles but also makes for the perfect companion hot tool when you want a more styled up-do. The hair retained the shape and offered a more glamorous look when pinned into a pulled back hair style. Overall, I highly recommend this tool for all hair enthusiasts. With a little practice this innovative tool is a must for any girl that loves the curly look. You hair will always look glamorous and professionally done. If this tool offered a larger barrel, my collection of curling irons would significantly lessen.

Would you give this remarkably stylish and innovative hot tool a spin?

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