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Con Centric

I give this project an A because it solves the problems of fans that attend comic cons. Solving someone else's problem goes a long way towards a successful crowdfund.

If you have been on the floor of your favorite convention and you get a text from a friend saying "Hey you gotta check out this booth!!!" and just cant find it? Having trouble with finding a schedule for a panel you want to see? Let's say your were a huge Firefly fan, and you wanted to get that picture with some of the actors, but were either too late, or couldn't find the right photo area? This is exactly why he designed the Con Centric app. We've all had that moment at a Convention and have had no idea where to go or who was there. Hoping against hope you hop on your phone begging their wifi to work long enough to get you on their website in order to hunt around to find their panel schedule and a list of exhibitors. Had you downloaded Con Centric, this situation could've been avoided. Con Centric is designed to update panel schedules as they're amended, It's also designed to update exhibitor lists within context of the convention floor so you know not only who is there but where they are as well. With several key features being developed, they are going to help independent artists become a center of the convention too. It's also designed to allow user to check into a convention. Letting you know who else is ready to amp the fun factor by about a million. Also included are art and photo contests and scavenger hunt opportunities. Who knows, If you talk to Robert Downey Jr. about getting some schwarma with Ashley Johnson you may have just won a scavenger hunt and made your dreams come true. All by using Con Centric.

Grab your app here!

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