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Computer Viruses.

Computer virus have been around since the dawn of computers. There has been extremely dangerous one especially during the late 1990's era. Even though virus may be intimidating, there are ways of side skirting those pesky virus. For starters, most virus are programmed for the Windows. With that being said, chances of obtaining viruses on a different operation systems are slim. That does not mean that one should not use Windows simply because of the amount of viruses that are out there for it. Almost all viruses do not appear magically on the computer. If one is paranoid about viruses, then Macintosh or Linux may be ones best bet.

Macintosh and Linux are written in a different language from Windows which is why Mac and Linux have a smaller chance. Again, Windows can be just as good if one is smart about the decisions made of what is being downloaded. To stay away from viruses, simply do not download anything that one does not know about. Always know the publisher of the program, if one does not, stay away. Viruses also come in emails from a person one may know, but it will have something like "some ridiculous headline" with a "download to see it or get it." Those right there are giant red flags to stay away from. Simply delete the message. If one were to open the attachment, viruses can do serious damage like rewriting the entire hard drive, or steal financial information. Another way to stay protected is have good virus protection.

Virus protection is essential to roaming the web safely. Don't leave home without it. There are countless virus protection programs out there, so researching is a good place to start. Nortons, Webroot, and Malware anti-malware are a few to look into. There are a price for those, but Malware is a free download. It does scan and remove threats, but it does not protect in real-time. Play it smart and have good protection, the internet is an open book.

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