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Computer Hardware Part 3 Sullivan University BSCS

The Quantum Corp. in Milpitas, Calif. has established a corporate network of 70,000 computers. Quantum has received an award for its virtual data warehouse from the Data Warehousing Institution. The Quantum network allows companies in nine global business operations to run on multiple servers as an entity. CIO Hank Delevati says, “We’ve centralized all our business applications worldwide, including Oracle enterprise resource planning data, into one Oracle database. We them put together the tools and common definitions so everybody down the food chain-from the executives to the engineers can all look at a consistent piece of data (Gillooly, 2).” The Quantum network uses Hewlett Packard HP 9000 Enterprise Servers, Oracle database, Oracle applications, and NoetixViews (Aris Software). The Quantum virtual data warehouse increases the employee productivity and improves customer support and service. The network allows employees too access orders information immediately so that they are more responsive and accurate. The virtual data warehouse saves money as well as time. Information that usually takes 16 hours to gather and present in 15 different reports can be gathered in 5 minutes and presented in a single report. Another corporation that has incorporated networking is Gateway INC. Supply and demand, sales, and customer-support are some of the services that Gateway links. Gateway links its information through a data warehouse in a $6.3 billion project using the Internet as the connecting medium. Gateway offers fast customer support for purchase, configuration, and web support in a transaction over the web. Xerox Corp. also has become an important technological innovator. Xerox offers an extensive wide web intranet for providing information exchanged on more than 70,000 personal computers. The Xerox intranet has over 10,000 home pages that can be expanded for any affiliated business unit, department and documented executive speeches, stock prices, organizational charts, policies, customer and market information, and competitive news. Xerox is currently seeking ways to develop business e-commerce. Computer Associates is a $4.7 billion software company that employs 3,500 mobile sales people world-wide. Executive VP of global information and administration services, Gary Quinn says “The system we built lets all the salespeople share all the information about a single account- who’s in charge, who’s evaluating what products, etc. It has really helped us in the sales cycle (Gillooly, 5).” Computer Associates developed it existing software and customized it to meet their needs. With the incorporation of the sales force automation software and customization, sales agents are put on computer notebooks that use common company software that help them sale. This system allows business salesman to access client-server pricing or take a customer through an informative process via computer notebook with internet. The efficiency of disseminated company information is well enough to increase client satisfaction (Gillooly, 5).

Blueprint of computer hardware and information technology

The integration and development of company information systems is important for maintaining an increase in market value through readily available customer information. The innovations that these companies use are constantly being improved. Other systems model the efficiency of these developed systems. Some of the products that are involved in enhancing the information technology system are the Cabletron SmartSwitch Router 2000, the Sun Microsystems’ ultra 10 workstation, loaded with an Ultra – SPARC Iii processor running at 333 MHz or 360 MHz running Solaris, and Compaq’s ProLiant 1850R rack mount server equipped with dual 500-MHz Pentium III processors, 512MB of ECC Ram, and 109.2 GB of storage. Some software products that rated the best in 1999 include Novell’s Netware 5.0, RedHat 6.1, and Caldera Systems’ OpenLinux 2.3 (Scovell, 3).

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This report is part of undergraduate writing by Timothy Walker in computer science.

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