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Compulsory rule set for retiring Australian Thoroughbreds

In a noteworthy article published by the Blood Horse dated July 2, a new requirement has been adopted by the Australian Racing Board (ARB). Now race horse owners are mandated to report the retirement of their racing Thoroughbred horses within a set time limit of thirty (30) days. The ruling becomes effective immediately.

Black Caviar is presented to some members of the media just prior to her retirement celebration
Black Caviar is presented to some members of the media just prior to her retirement celebration
Robert Cianflone/Getty Images
Fanfare for a famous mare. Now all horses must state official retirement
Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

This new ruling by the Australian Racing Board is obligatory by all owners. Any Thoroughbreds that are being retired from racing must be reported within this defined time limit of 30 days. This ruling is compulsory.

Not only are owners required to report each Thoroughbred’s retirement from racing but they must also state the reason for the retirement. Owners are also expected to state plans for the horse beyond the retirement date. They are requested to give the reason for the each horse’s retirement such as illness, injury, that the horse is starting its breeding career, or it is becoming a show horse, pleasure horse, trail horse, entering a retirement program or it is being sent to a livestock sale or auction.

Another change has also been made by the ARB regarding the death of a Thoroughbred. It is now required to report the cause of death of each horse.

In its press release, the ARB stated the these new requirements “… will provide the industry with greater insight into the reasons why horses conclude their racing careers, as well as their activities post-racing, thus supplying statistics which can be used to better direct education and welfare initiatives."

The new information about retired horses is expected to furnish better details about the reasons for retirement and information about each horse’s life after racing. These statistics can then be used in Racing Victoria’s Off the Track Program which promotes the retraining, rehoming and welfare of Thoroughbred racehorses.

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