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Compton residents sign petition on behalf of Wright brothers

Compton residents sign petition and cheer in support of Wright brothers This past Sunday (July 29) Compton residents stopped by the Compton Swap Meet to support Eazy-E's sons Eric Wright, Derrek Wright, and Marquise Wright. A petition to Universal Pictures, Dr. Dre, and Tomica Wright to include Eazy-E's sons in N.W.A. film was created after many online Eazy-E fans voiced their disappointment and anger that none of Eazy-E's children will be included in the new N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton film scheduled to open August 2015. This first petition station was chosen because Compton is where Eazy-E originates from. Plus Eazy-E and N.W.A. brought attention to the city of Compton making it famous. Volunteers at this first station created a huge banner for supporters to sign, they also made posters, and passed out Popsicles to neighborhood kids. Supporters signed a large banner to show their love for the Wright brothers. People stopped by tables to state that they knew Eazy-E and his family. While others said they were related to Eazy-E. Many were perplexed and asked questions like "Why wouldn't they include his sons in film?"and one even asked “What if they can't act?" There was mostly positive support for Wright brothers compared to the one percent that question their acting abilities. Car after car fans of the Wright brothers passed by all day and honked their horns in support of the petition to Universal.

Teen activists Ulani Swinney, Briana Thorton, and Jasmin Hollenensteiner
Cassandra Bautista
Danny Sanchez signs petition to Universal Pictures
Cassandra Bautista

HME spoke with petition signers at Compton Swap Meet and this is what they had to say about Wright brothers and petition to Universal Pictures:

Myesha Brown-Long Beach resident

My reasons for signing the petition are because people are saying Eazy-E's sons can't act which is not a good enough reason to not let any of them play their father in film. There are lot's of actors who did not have any acting skills before they became the actors that they are today. Eazy-E wasn't an actor! He was a realist who was born and raised in Compton. It would only be right to have the right look alike and some one with Compton roots playing that role! Why would you put someone from the east coast like Jason Mitchell to play Eazy-E who is not even from the west coast? Let alone has no idea what the struggle was for individuals born and raised in Compton. I see why Ice Cube made sure his own son played his part. What makes them think Jason Mitchell knows Eazy-E better then Eazy's own children? They got to be kidding! What did they do put Jason Micthell in an apartment in Compton for a couple of days so he could kind of get a feeling of what goes on in Compton? Did they sit him down and show him old videos of Eazy so he could study Eazy-E's body language? Hollywood could care less about the realness of a black film when it comes down to real G's from the music industry. All they care about is making a quick buck. Besides from what I've seen, Jason Mitchell's complexion isn't even on the same level as Eazy-E's. Why would they put a dark skin brotha in a light skin man's part? I just hope they don't wreck this movie like they did with the characters in the B.I.G movie. Who needs acting skills when you've lived,breathe,and have seen the real deal?

The petition reached over 700 signatures within a week and each day the petition gains more signatures. Every comment left on the petition has been very passionate and full of feeling. Petition signers in comments leave messages listing their connections to Eazy-E, their frustration with Ice Cube's son being placed in film and excluding the Wright brothers, and making statements asserting that the right thing to do is to include Eazy-E's sons in film since he created group.Petition organizers are planning future petition stations, BBQ s, and events to obtain more signatures. The next petition station is targeted to take place in Long Beach. The Wright family's supporters continue to grow and join the group We Want Eazy! We want one of Eazy E's son to be in N.W.A. Biopic that was formed on Facebook. Fans are welcome to join the group to voice their opinions on the petition and to keep updated on future events. If anyone is interested in hosting one of these petition signing events please send an e-mail to or call (818) 732-0776. To view petition and the hundreds of heart felt comments please go to

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