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Comprehensive merchant processing solution

Beehive Web Solutions and Sunlit Merchant Services can build your business
Beehive Web Solutions and Sunlit Merchant Services can build your business

Simply put according to Investor Words the term e-Commerce is, “The buying and selling of products and services by businesses and consumers through an electronic medium without using any paper documents.” In essence, e-Commerce is a largely used electronic functionality via cyberspace that will give users capability of buying and selling in a secure fashion. More importantly, e-Commerce can be done in three settings Business-2-Business (B2B) or Business-2-Consumer (B2C) and Consumer-2-Consumer (C2C).

What business vendors are best to help you in the world of e-Commerce?

A website developer from Beehive Website Solutions will set up your website then you will be working with a professional from Sunlit Merchant Services, the company that handles your transactions. When a business owner has Sunlit Merchant Services as an e-Commerce processor and Beehive Web Solutions as an e-Commerce administrator it can best be described as having the best and safest business protection 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.

Beehive Web Solutions provides multiple software options which you can choose from after creating your account. The software personnel will kindly answer all of your questions on managing payment features when using things like PayPal and other transaction types. When you are finished with Beehive Web Solutions support you can then speak to Sunlit Merchant Services support and ask for documentation on pricing and the back-end activity of transactions. There are many support personnel available to help so don’t hesitate on asking questions. Sunlit Merchant Services is quite affordable and will be minimal cost to your business so it will allow maximum profitability.

Now that you are aware Beehive Web Solutions and Sunlit Merchant Services work together, contact us with all of your e-Commerce questions and we’ll be more than happy to take care of you and your e-Commerce business needs!