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Comprehensive immigration reform is a big mistake for Republicans

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With the increased chances for the Republicans to retake the Senate due to the disastrous roll-out of Obamacare, its cost and physician exclusions, the moderates in the House appear to be searching for anyway possible to hand the advantage back to the Democrats.

Speaker of the House, John Boehner, and budget director, Paul Ryan, may have stumbled upon such a plan; immigration reform, a topic that will split the Republicans between those that think that by action, they can lure Mexican-Americans away from the Democrat party, and those that believe this is a pipe dream and that a comprehensive plan would doom our economy, threaten our national heritage and speed us down the path of socialism. Rather than consolidating the party around ideas that the various factions can agree on, the moderates have elected to follow the Senate Democrats lead and muddy the waters just before the 2014 midterm elections. Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid and President Obama must be whooping it up royally in the halls down there in DC.

In a recent Pew Research poll on top priorities for Congress, illegal immigration was ranked number 16 out of 20 by the American people. It is time for both the Republicans and the Democrats to listen to their constituents and not the lobbyists working for the illegal aliens and those looking for cheap labor.

Rand Paul has come up with a great idea, ditch the “comprehensive” bills, find areas that conservatives, moderates and liberals can agree on and get something done.

The economy and jobs were numbers one and two on the list with health care costs coming in as number eight. By uniting around these issues and postponing the immigration debate until after the midterm elections, Republicans will be much stronger going into 2015.