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Composer Mamoru Samuragochi, famed deaf composer, revealed as fraud

Samuragoshi, composer of Resident Evil: Director's Cut
Samuragoshi, composer of Resident Evil: Director's Cut

Yesterday, it was reported that Mamoru Samuragochi, famed Japanese composer that was supposedly responsible for a number of acclaimed Japanese musical works, was not the actual composer. Considering he was known for decades as the man behind Onimusha's and Resident Evil's sound, it was surprising news.

As it turns out, the scandal didn't stop there. According to Samuragochi's ghost writer - revealed to be Tagashi Niigaki, a part-time music teacher - Samuragochi may not even be deaf. Niigaki claims (via ABC Online) that "Japan's Beethoven" revealed that a degenerative health condition that took Samuragochi's hearing wasn't actually real.

I've never felt he was deaf ever since we met...We carry on normal conversations. I don't think he is (handicapped). At first he acted to me also as if he had suffered hearing loss, but he stopped doing so eventually. He told me, after the music for the video games was unveiled, that he would continue to play the role (of a deaf person).

Now, it's wise to take this sort of story with a grain of salt - as of this writing, Niigaki has not been 100% confirmed as the ghost writer for Samuragochi - and, considering that the information was originally withheld, the possibility of Niigaki's claims being false exists.

That being said, considering Samuragochi already admitted to using another person's compositions as his own, it's not too far-fetched to think he was lying about his handicap, either. Niigaki also claims he was paid upwards of 7 million yen (roughly 70,000 USD), and that Samuragochi planned to kill himself if Niigaki revealed their deception.

"I am an accomplice of Samuragochi because I continued composing just as he demanded, although I knew he was deceiving people...I told him a few times that we should stop doing this, but he never gave in. Also, he said he would commit suicide if I stop composing for him."

We will continue to update this story as more information arises.

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