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Complimentary dinner Monday night at Trece

Trece's most popular drink the Blueberry Mojito.
Trece's most popular drink the Blueberry Mojito.
Miranda Wright

The holiday season is here and along with the mistletoe strung up above our heads, and the lights twinkling in trees, comes the season for giving as we all prepare ourselves for the New Year. On the 4500 block of Travis sits Dallas’ favorite Mexican kitchen and Tequila bar Trece, and they taken this to heart, offering complimentary dinners every Monday evening for all of the clients on their mailing list.  This winter Trece, lucky number thirteen, prepares for a rush of  250-300 people on Monday nights as they offer a delectable line up of delicious dinner choices including an appetizer and main course.

Be sure to try their most popular drink, the frozen blueberry mojito. Ask for a sample and they will bring you one in a red Trece embossed thimble sized shot glass. If you like tequila, then you have come to the right place, Trece carries over 125 different types of Mexico’s finest tequilas. Ask your bartender which ones he recommends. Another signature of Trece is their table side guacamole, made fresh, right in front of you as your server whips everything together is a big black ceramic bowl.  For large parties or corporate events book the private dining area, an elegant room with a dark wood banquet table fit for any lavish party.

Throughout the week Trece offers special events as well.

Monday nights: Trece’s complimentary dinners, offering a two course meal with choice of appetizer and main course. Book in advance!

Wednesday nights: Latin night with free Salsa lessons and a live band. Starts at ten and lasts till two. $5 dollar frozen drinks.

Thursday nights: Ladies night with a DJ, (he takes requests). Offering complimentary quesadillas, $3 dollar house wines, beers, mojitos, and frozen drinks. Free valet for ladies.

Below the Monday night dinner menu:

Appetizers/Apertivos: ( Choice of)
Trece Sopa de Tortilla
Ancho chile, tortilla, tomato broth, pulled chicken, pico de gallo, queso fresco, avocado cream and warm corn tortilla.

Quesadilla con Pollo
Pulled grilled chicken quesadilla with roasted poblano cream.

Ensalada Verde
Organic greens, tomatoes, cucumber, roasted carrots and queso panella with Pasilla cilantro vinaigrette.

Nachos con Pollo
Pulled grilled Chicken, black bean puree, avocado, jack cheese, roasted tomato salsa and jalapeno jelly.

Entrees: (Choice of)
Budin Azteca
Pulled chicken, jack cheese and smoky chorizo multi layered tortilla pie with roasted Poblano sauce.

Chile relleno Vegetariano
Roasted Poblano pepper filled with vegetable rajas, spinach, pecans and goat cheese in a tomato essence broth with broiled onions and cilantro.

Enchiladas de pollo
Chicken enchiladas with salsa roja served with black beans, habanero rice and crema fresco.

Tacos de Pescado
Fish tacos with jicama slaw and Trece tortilla rice.

Trece is the perfect place to dine and dance this holiday season, whether it is on a date or with a group of friends. So come out and indulge yourself with good holiday cheer at Trece, and when you walk through the doors and into the dark, exotic opulence that is lucky number thirteen, be prepared for a sensory seduction that will leave your palate reeling.