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Complications in Sports Leagues

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There are many popular sports leagues in US which are facing marijuana problems. Some think that it should be legalized as the next opportunity for medicine will evolve and it will help the players to deal with the injuries and pain and will be acting as a support to the evolution in the medicine area.

Few other critics think that the usage of the substance is banned since long and they should not negotiate with the players on this policy. There is a collective bargain by all the leagues to apply the same rules as it was applicable since decades. There are few grey areas where concerning the present situations the usage of the marijuana has been permitted.

How Professional Leagues come in Picture?

The payers from all the big leagues suffer from major injuries during big and famous seasons all over the world. They pain which is borne by them is excruciating and sometimes there are brain traumas and concussions which are very painful and this could be eased to some extent by the use of marijuana. In Professional sports medical marijuana is recommended by the doctors and the physiotherapists for the light-sensitivity, sleeplessness, loss of appetite and headaches which will be the result of the concussions faced by the players. The medicine which could provide them instant relief if not given to them seems like an added torture to the already existing pain of the player.

Experts Say

The experts are in the opinion that if the locker room people are willing to take the medicines and ease their pain then the sports leagues should actually condone the drug as a pain reliever and help the players in the hour of need. It is suggested as one of the legitimate pain killer and provides comfort. There are sometimes migraines observed in the players who suffer heavy concussions, so the players are not denied the usage of it and thus creates a worldwide debate.
The substance is allowed for the players prior to the start of the league matches during the three month time period. In this time frame, the players are allowed to take the medicine in case of any injury. But once the league starts, it is banned thoroughly for of them as it is banned by the sports council.

What do players say?

Players often state that taking marijuana for the professional sports is a healthy option as compared to the other drugs and medicine which is subscribed by the doctors in case of nausea, concussions and pain.

Final Lawsuits

It takes huge amount of money for the sports council to manage the lawsuits that are filed against them and the players in order of allegations against the marijuana usage.They allowed the players on the high-risk painkillers with the complete knowledge of the side-effects of the medicine. These drugs are detected when there is dope test before the seasonal leagues and when detected in the players, the leagues owners and the managers are questioned. Since many lawsuits are filed in this regard and the attempts to solve the out of court is in progress.