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'Complex Of Fear' true story of John Charles Whipple

based on a true story
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"Complex of Fear" is a movie based on the true story of Norcross, Ga., rapist John Charles Whipple. "Complex of Fear" first came to television as a Tuesday night CBS drama. In recent years, the movie has aired on Lifetime Television. It is directed by Brian Grant and based on a teleplay by Dyanne Asimow. The cast includes: Hart Bochner, Chelsea Field and Joe Don Baker. The name of the rapist was changed in the film.

"Complex Of Fear" synopsis/plot

When a rash of rapes terrorizes an upstanding apartment community, the women depend on one local cop who lives in the building to save them from the unknown rapist.

The Movies Based On True Stories Database writer states that the movie took its story from the case of John Whipple, also known as John Charles Whipple. According to police, Whipple terrorized a Georgia apartment complex in Norcross in the late 1980's.

He was eventually arrested and charged with the rapes, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The movie contains themes of rape, violence and police detectives.

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