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Completing the cross-stitched heart design

Completing the cross-stitched heart design was not difficult, but it was time consuming. People assume cross-stitching does not take that much time, but it definitely can if you decide to double stitch across each row. The purpose for cross-stitching across each row twice is the insure the piece is not transparent when held up to the light, but cross-stitching across each row once will also suffice. It is simply a matter of preference.

Cross-stitching a heart design on plastic canvas mesh.
Cross-stitching a heart design on plastic canvas mesh.
Photo by Julia Hanna.
The completed cross-stitch design of a heart on plastic canvas mesh.
Cross-stitch design by Julia Hanna.

The project featured here is was designed by drawing a heart on the center of the plastic canvas mesh, and then creating a color pattern to stitch. Rather than drawing the design directly on the plastic canvas mesh, graph paper can also be used for creating a pattern.

The color pattern for this heart design consisted of: pink, red, multi-colored, and white. Creating a yarn pattern makes a design such as a heart simple to cross-stitch, even though double stitching each row takes awhile. Cross-stitching on plastic canvas mesh is a craft that can be adapted to any holiday theme, such as this heart design for Valentine's Day.

Plastic mesh cross-stitching is a craft that is suitable for people of all ages because there are large holes that are easier to manipulate. Also, plastic needles can even be used for cross-stitching the design on the mesh, which prevents younger children from poking their fingers.

Take a look at the video and the slideshow to see how this heart design was created.

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