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Complete ‘Super Smash Bros. 4’ character roster leaked for Wii U and 3DS

Super Smash Bros. 4
Super Smash Bros. 4
Photo courtesy of Nintendo, used with permission.

The complete character roster of Super Smash Bros. 4 for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS may have been leaked several weeks ahead of the game’s official launch. According to a report by Polygon from Aug. 25, an anonymous person – now believed to be former Nintendo of America employee- published a screenshot showcasing the full character roster from Super Smash Bros. 3DS.

To accompany and further corroborate the leaked roster image, videos were posted to Youtube, which have since been removed, showing several new and unannounced returning characters in action.

If true, the leak confirms that Super Smash Bros. 4 for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS will have at least forty-eight characters on the main roster – forty-nine if you include the Mii. According to the leak, the remaining unannounced returning veterans are: Dr. Mario, Ness, R.O.B., Jigglypuff, Falco, Ganondorf, Mr. Game and Watch, and Wario.

Based upon the leaked image, the following are the new characters you will find in Super Smash Bros. 4: Bowser Jr. from Super Mario Sunshine, Shulk from Xenoblade, Dog from Duck Hunt, Robin and Lucina from Fire Emblem: Awakening, Palutena and Dark Pit from Kid Icarus, Greninja from Pokémon X/Y, Little Mac from Punch-Out!!, Rosalina and Luma from Super Mario Galaxy, Villager from Animal Crossing, and Wii Fit Trainer from Wii Fit.

Also new to the Smash Bros. ranks are Mega Man and Pac-Man.

Super Smash Bros. 4 for Wii U has no release date, but is scheduled to be made available in 2014. Super Smash Bros. 4 for 3DS will be released in Japan on Sept. 17, with release in North America following on Oct. 3.

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