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Complete quiz on 10 tips to increase your job search network

Job search quiz
Job search quiz
job hunting

If you are still finding yourself unsuccessful securing the right position, review this quiz to determine if you are doing all you can:

1.  Joined a job networking program in your city  - Yes or No

2.  Contacted companies via phone - obtained contact names of hiring managers -  Yes or No

3.  Developed a list of potential companies - Yes or No

4.  Researched recruiting agencies in your field and signed up with at least 2 - Yes or No

5.  Signed up for for networking - Yes or No

6.  Created a list of personal contacts including friends, colleagues and possible referrals - Yes or No

7.  Signed up for email alerts to keep posted on new job postings - Yes or No

8.  Posted your resume on the major sites for recruiters  to review - Yes or No

9.  Obtained business cards to hand out for networking purposes - Yes or No

10.  Joined professional groups in your field  or contacted your former college for referrals - Yes or No

If you answered no to some of these questions, you still have more potential opportunities for networking.  In an challenging economy,  you must develop a strong networking program.  For further information contact


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