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Complete political news rundown

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No news.

Republicans hate Democrats. Democrats refuse to admit that they hate Republicans because
they do not want to use the term.

Obama hates Republicans and says that he can do without them. Some Democrats would like to do without Obama, such as Joe Manchin from West Virginia who is truly more like a Republican, but he won’t admit that.

The debt ceiling matter will be solved in some mediocre fashion, kicking that can down the road again for the next Congress. It matters, but people are too busy surviving to take note.

Leadership in Congress is in a steady state of self denial and self admiration. They are getting old -- so old that none will be caught in a sex scandal. They won’t be caught red-handed in corruption because they have feather beds awaiting them on K Street.

In Election 2014, Women will make little or no progress because they didn’t try. The political parties have one thing in common, they are men’s clubs, still.

American minorities are surging toward becoming the majority. Maybe that will make a difference. Cream rises to the top. Watch for Bobby Jindal to emerge significantly because he is truly intelligent and reasonably pragmatic.

When Hillary comes out from the closet and announces her candidacy, that will stir the pot, and America will catch a new drift.

No significant news today except that the nation needs more jobs and to eliminate poverty.

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