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Complete collection of original Three Stooges shorts to be released in new set

Sony will release a collection of the complete Three Stooges shorts in June.
Sony will release a collection of the complete Three Stooges shorts in June.
Sony Pictures

As a fan of the original Three Stooges from childhood, we grew up watching them on TV with the "nyuk, nyuk, nyuks" and face slaps and have always loved them.

So we've been somewhat ambivalent about the release of the new movie, "The Three Stooges," which opens today. (Will we see it? Stay tuned.)

But we'll never stop watching the originals. After years of patchwork DVDs with random shorts, Sony Video finally started doing things right with "The Three Stooges Collection,", eight volumes of two-disc sets of Stooges shorts mastered from the original films. The quality of each is fantastic. After years of watching grainy and scratchy films shown on TV, this is what the Stooges deserved. The shorts have never looked so good.

The only downside was buying them separately. But if you get each of the eight volumes of "The Three Stooges Collection", they run about $12 each.

But on June 5, Sony will release a 20-disc set called "The Three Stooges: The Ultimate Collection. The set will include all the Columbia shorts, including the classics with Curly Howard, plus three discs with 11 hours of Stooges content not currently on DVD.

In addition to the Stooges' shorts including those with Shemp Howard, Joe Besser and Joe DeRita, the set will include the full-length films "Have Rocket Will Travel" and "Rockin' in the Rockies," not previously on DVD, plus three of the Three Stooges cartoons, "Bon Bon Parade," "Merry Mutineers" and "Hollywood Detour."

With the great quality of the shorts in the most recent DVDs, this will be something for Stooges fans to look forward to.


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