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Complaints from Employees Leads to Search for County New Insurance Provider

Franklin County is looking for a new insurance broker and possibly a new health insurance plan.

At their regular meeting Monday night, the board voted to begin looking for a new insurance after numerous complaints from county employees who claimed Rising was not forthcoming about how their new plan’s deductible worked.

Monday night, the board heard from county manager John Phillips who offered a recommendation on how the county should proceed.

“We have some very qualified staff and I’d like to call upon their expertise and proceed to shop around to see what we can do as far as insurance coverage,” he said. “If there was some way we could try and regain credibility from our employees and that the Franklin County Commission and staff were doing all they could to get them a good health benefit plan.”

Phillips said his staff will look into finding comparable health insurance prices and will also look at finding another broker.

At last week’s work session, Rising explained to the board that the deductible had been changed from the beginning of the fiscal year on July 1 to the calendar year, January 1 because several employees had opted for a health savings account.

But employees say they were not told that and many were surprised to learn the deductible they thought tjhey had already paid was due again after the first of the year.

Commissioner Jeff Jacques said it’s time to look not only for a new insurance plan and most of all a new broker.

”I think we definitely want to look at maintaining the current insurance plan, but I will not approve anything that retains the same insurance broker,” he said. “We have been misled and misinformed. And I’m stating that in a nice manner.”

Commission chair Thomas Bridges agreed and it was time to clean up and straighten up the insurance problem. After hearing from Phillips, the board voted unanimously to look for a new broker and insurance plan.

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