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Comfy meets sophistication : Melow par Mélissa Bolduc

Comfy meets Sophistication: Melow par Mélissa Bolduc
Comfy meets Sophistication: Melow par Mélissa Bolduc
Melow par Mélissa Bolduc, getthebuzz716, fashion art toronto 2014

Melow par Mélissa Bolduc is Canadian based clothing brand that’s all about is sophistication, comfort and complexity. The brands designs shows simple lines, structured cuts draped into pleats and asymmetrical lines with clever engineering of the construction making the clothes adjust to flatter any body shape.

Melow par Mélissa Bolduc hits the runway this April in Toronto for Fashion Art Toronto 2014 for more info on show times and tickets go to

Getthebuzz716: Tell me a little about your brand. Where are you from?

Melow par Mélissa Bolduc: I'm from Matane in a small region of eastern Québec. The brand was created in 2007 in the same time I opened my store on St-Denis St. in Montréal. I do sophisticated yet comfortable clothes, for all body types and silhouettes.

Getthebuzz716: What does fashion week Fashion Art Toronto mean to you?

Melow par Mélissa Bolduc: I have FAT in my heart since it was the first out of school runway I did in 2006. Then I participated again in 2010 and now, I will present my SS14 collection, inspired by Japan. It is a great event for many reasons, but for me, the fact that body diversity is shown on the runways is a really good thing. I like the level of fashion we see during that week.

Getthebuzz716 : How would you define your Brand?

Melow par Mélissa Bolduc: It is sophisticated yet comfortable, has complex designs, but shows simple lines. I do clever engineering and the construction makes the clothes adjust to flatter any body shape. I like to do structured cuts draped into pleats and asymmetrical lines. The line is proudly created and made in Canada!

Getthebuzz716 :How long does it usually take you to construct a piece?

Melow par Mélissa Bolduc: Depends, it can take an hour, or it can take days of fitting, adjusting, and refitting, it has to be perfect for production

Getthebuzz716 :Describe the general process you go through to design and what’s your favorite part about conceptualizing a design?

Melow par Mélissa Bolduc : I start from books, history books often, I then put a lot of images of all sorts in my head, look at trend books for colors, l and also just to know where fashion its going in general. It's very important to know where things are going, to know where you stand. Then I find a technique, pattern wise and I develop from there, it's my favorite part

Getthebuzz716 :What matters to you most as a designer?

Melow par Mélissa Bolduc: Fit. It needs to fit, but not only the model's body, it needs to fit my clients, the customers need to feel beautiful and comfortable in the clothes, and this is why I’m here. I have a ready-to wear line, it's every day wear, it needs to be falling just right, event adjust to the body, smart design is what I like to do.

Getthebuzz716 :What do you believe makes a quality design?

Melow par Mélissa Bolduc: Fit of course! But also attention to details in production and great materials

Getthebuzz716 :How would you define the style your line exemplifies?

Melow par Mélissa Bolduc: Melow has its own style I think, it's all about wraps, ties, textures,

Getthebuzz716 :What are some of your fashion goals?

Melow par Mélissa Bolduc: Would love to bring the line oversees

Getthebuzz716 : What other experience do you have in the fashion industry (stylist, retail, marketing, etc.)?

Melow par Mélissa Bolduc: I had a figure skating wear line for about 4 years, has well has Melow, but I started my business fresh out of school

Getthebuzz716: What are your favorite patterns/materials [prints] to work with and why?

Melow par Mélissa Bolduc: I love natural fibres; I like to create line and texture myself through pattern manipulation

Getthebuzz716: Where can readers find out more about you and your work?

Melow par Mélissa Bolduc: We sell in Toronto at Fresh Collective and Distill, and in about 30 point of sales in Canada, and we have a store in Montreal on St-Denis St. They can see us on line at and Facebook

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