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Competitor launches new Boston Marathon hub page ‘Boston Strong’

See also recently launched their new Boston Marathon hub page called “Boston Strong.”

After last year’s tragic events, Competitor wanted to create a special page devoted to all things Boston, including a video interview with Boston Marathon Race Director Dave McGillivray.

“What is ‘Boston Strong’? I think it emphasizes that when in times of need, when tragedy strikes, the human response is inspiring,” said McGillivray.

The page also features an article highlighting the changes in this year’s course, and a spotlight on key Boston Marathon players including city officials, store owners, runners and supporters.

"I think runners in Boston immediately had a collective notion that we’re taking the marathon back," said Lauren Oliva, who cheered on friends near the bombings last year. "There was a huge element of fear, and there was a certain element of worry. But Boston being Boston, we all just kind of said, ‘You know what? F that! This is our day. This is our race. Let’s forget this horrible thing and take it back.’"

The Boston Marathon is Monday, April 21, 2014.