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Competitive swimming: Dan Stephenson's novel The Underwater Window

The Underwater Window looks at the life of competitive swimmers.
Dan Stephenson/Watermark

In his novel, The Underwater Window, Dan Stephenson takes a look at the world of competitive swimming. As with any community whether it be work, family, a recreation group, religious, or a neighborhood block, relationships are developed that influence one’s goals and values. Dan Stephenson explores how competitive friendships work through his fictional character’s Doyle Wilson and Archie Hayes.

Describing the relationship the author writes, “Archie is my arch nemesis. I started swimming against him in high school. He’s two years younger than I am. Any record I ever set, he wiped off the board within two years. Archie’s name is all over the walls of the high school pools in Michigan: Hunter Hayes. I did him a favor giving him a nickname.” He continues, “On the flip side, Archie and I were teammates who trained together, from the same country, the same state, the same city, the same club. He was my buddy, my friend. We hung out together.”

Dan Stephenson knows swimming. Competing for UCLA in the era of shaggy hair and nylon swim trunks, his Olympic story was cut short with the boycott of the 1980 Summer Games. Swimming, however, is part of who he is and he continues to race today. Read his bio HERE.

The 2012 Summer Games created a renewed interest in swimming making this an ooprtune time for Dan to release his book. Although The Underwater Window is a story about competitive swimming, its true message is about friendships. Read an excerpt HERE.

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