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Competition Results for Local Middle School Is In

Nautilus Middle School Sharkettes
Nautilus Middle School Sharkettes
The Sharkettes


  • hailey c 6 years ago

    you girls did great congradulations. keep this up and you will do great next compotion.

  • Stephanie A. 6 years ago

    Congrats! I saw you girls at the talent show and you did great. I wasn't able to see your competition, but I'm sure you deserved first place.

  • Anahi 6 years ago

    You guys did great in talent show and probably did just as great in the competition! You completely deserved winning first place! CONGRATULATIONS!

  • Alexandra L. 6 years ago

    The Sharkettes are amazing and my friends are on the dance team. It was the right desicion for them to win they all try very hard and are all amazing dancers

  • Jayssa 6 years ago

    The Sharkettes did great I knew you guys would win! Keep up the good work guys .

  • Hannah. T 6 years ago

    The competitions must of been awesome it sounded like it. Also congrats on winning first place you guys deserved it.

  • Hannah. T 6 years ago

    The competition must have been great it sounded like it. Also congrats on winning first place.

  • Camila D. 6 years ago

    Every morning for homeroom I would see the The Sharkettes practice their dance and I have to say the were pretty dedicated and they all loved the dance choreography. I've seen them perform on stage and I loved it. Congrats on them winning!

  • Courtney J. 6 years ago

    WOW!!according to the artilce you guys did great..;;good job!and congraTS ON THE FIRST PLACE VICTORY WIN..

  • Sonia H. 6 years ago

    This really was a lot of fun! I hope we'll do just as well at the upcoming competition. Great job my fellow Sharkettes!

  • Alondria 4 6 years ago

    congrats to the sharkettes they are amazing dancers and i would know considering my friends are on the team....GO NAUTILUS:)

  • Cora C 6 years ago

    That's so cool how the sound guy loved their song and copied it! I won't tell though...

  • Mica T 6 years ago

    Excellent job sharkettes! I hope you can make it to more competitions. With the guidance Ms. Bolt and guest choreographers such as Maritza Diaz herself,you will definitely continue to bring home the gold.

  • andrea g. 6 years ago

    congradulation keep up the good work you guys are an awsome team!

  • Yashaa 6 years ago

    You gals have done an amazing, stupendous job with your dance. Morning after morning of practice and you have definitely come very far along. You have made Nautilus extremely proud! Keep it up! :D

  • Manuela Sinisterra 6 years ago

    Congratulations girls! I love the choreography. You definitely deserved this win! Keep it up!

  • lolita m 6 years ago

    Good Job Sharkettes! , I think the dance was amazing I saw them practice and it was a really good dance , keep it up!

  • Shannon K. 6 years ago

    Yaaaeyyy, great job sharketts! You entirely deserved first place especially since you worked so hard. Also, I really enjoyed watching your dance, it was really nicely put together with the music. Congrats!

  • Angely V. 6 years ago

    Thank you so much!! This means alot to all of us, we really put our all into this. I really want to thank Ms.Ana Bolt and Ms.Maritza Diaz for all the hard work in putting this Amazing choreography together. Thanks for being a great choreographer and wonderful supporter.

  • Dania O 6 years ago

    the competition was amazing, i cant wait to do it again!! we are all going to work hard so we can win the next one.

  • Kathia P.4 6 years ago

    WOW!That's incredible 1st place!And the most shocking part is that they are beginners(level),and they won!Keep up the good work!

  • Natalie Y. 4 6 years ago

    Congratulations Sharkettes!! I really enjoyed watching you guys perform and give it your all during competition. You guys deserved it! You are all hardworking and it really showed during your performance. I cant wait till next competition, where ill be there supporting you guys once again.

  • Florencia A 4 6 years ago

    The Sharketts are amazing! They are tought by our wonderful Ms. Bolt considering that i know a bunch of the girls on the team they are great dancers and i know they can keep winning! GO NAUTILUS!

  • Amanda B p.4 6 years ago

    The sharkettes are the BOMB! Dancing is hard & its not for everyone so I give them props for achieving their goals & winning the competion. Sharkettes shake better then any other team anywayss (:

  • Haley Shanahan 6 years ago

    Great job girls! You have been practicing for so long and it has really paid. Keep it up and make Nautilus proud!

  • Juliet C 4 6 years ago

    Congratulation sharkettes! All of you are always practicing hard and you deserved to win the competition.It must have been fun competing and winning first place for just beginners.Keep up the good work.

  • Allegra P 6 years ago

    I felt like iwas really there! i love how you write everything that happened in so much detail.
    go sharkettes!

  • Mary F4 6 years ago

    go sharkettes! you really deserved that first prize! Im sure your choreographer was very proud of you as much as you were proud of her for contributing to the first place! i hope you keep scoring first place in all future competetions!

  • Ilse P. 6 years ago

    Amazing! The Sharkettes gave it their all and represented Nautilus wonderfully. Since the very start everyone knew that they would come out as champions! Good luck next year ! Keep up the great work . Go NMS ! (:

  • Daniela G. 4 6 years ago

    The competition was so much fun! The Sharkettes worked so hard, and just by being there at competition was such of an accomplishemnt. That was an experience that we will all remember. Also, all the things written by Maritza were 100 percent true!

  • cintia 4 6 years ago

    good job shrkeets you guys are guys must be amazing to win 1st just very proud of them.the sharkeets just didnt let the school down.

  • Gabriella C. 6 years ago

    By the way you wrote this, I felt like I was actually at the competition and how exciting the atmosphere must have been! GO SHARKETTES :)

  • Danielle R. 6 years ago

    The competition was tons of fun and the rush was
    phenomenal. I can't wait until the next competition!! Maritza is a great choreographer and writer(:

  • taylor 4 6 years ago

    I think the the dance team did a phenomenal job and the choreography was really entertaining to watch. so keep up the good work because your dances are amazing.

  • ANNA R. 6 years ago

    you are self evidently an amazing writer. Now i dont feel guilty for not going because of your profound description. I am proud, and rather jealous of the Sharkettes infallible and trustworthy dedication to the early morning practices.
    Sharkettes are simply unbeatable!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jennifer 5 6 years ago

    This article is greatly written and expresses very well how excited the sharkettes were before competition. Their choreography was awsome but it was the performers who were even better. Keep it up sharkettes!

  • Katryna A :) 6 years ago

    Go Sharkettes!! I am very glad they won first place (they deserved it) You are an awesome writer!

  • Melissa G. p.6 6 years ago

    Congratulations sharketts you were really amazing and I'm really happy that you got 1st place. I hope you keep doing great and win all the other competitions. Even though all of you are beginners you did a great job and all of you in the dance team deserve it for working so hard.

  • Isadora L 6 years ago

    WHAHOO go Sharkettes!!!! congratulations on winning first place!!! i saw the dance on previous school performances and it was truly fantastic! Everyone's hard work and effort paid off, for the dance was awesome. i cant wait to see what the next Sharkettes dance will be like.

  • Aileen S p6 6 years ago

    Congrats sharkettes you did amazing. I watched your team practice so hard and you girls deserve it. Also I loved the intricate choreography, it was so amazing. Keep up the good work!!

  • Shannon K. P6 6 years ago

    Congratulations on your victory of winning FIRST placeeeee! Great job girls, you totally deserved it; as I can see you all put in your 110% effort. The performance was amazing.

  • naomi p.6 6 years ago

    congratulations Sharkettes!!! :) you deserved to win first place. i know you guys worked really hard and put alot of team effort! i hope you guys will win first place again in your next competition.

  • Nicole p.d 6 6 years ago

    Well, frist let me say congratulations Sharkettes!
    And of course great job, Maritza and Ms.Bolt, on your amazing choreography. Also, Maritza you have amazing writing skills. Very unique and fun, i enjoyed your article.

  • Melodie P.6 6 years ago

    Awesome job Sharkettes! Maritza did an amazing job with the choreography and it definately paid off! Great article, very detailed.

  • giovanna zambrano period:5 6 years ago

    wooooo go sharkettes!! even though i wasn't there i know you guys did great... Maritza and ms.bolt are great teacher and we are very lucky to have them in a part of our lives.

  • Michelle, P.6 6 years ago

    I watched the Sharkettes practice a thousand times. I know they deserved the first place trophy.

  • Michelle, p.6 6 years ago

    I have watched them practice a thousand times. I know they deserve their trophy.

  • luciap6 6 years ago

    the sharkettes really did deserve to win. the artice was amazing, i feelt as if i where actually there. i could imagine the girls jumping, dancing and hugging eachother for joy.

  • Ibel G. 6 years ago

    Being a member of the Sharkettes myself, I cannot say how proud I am of the other girls and myself. I am so happy we won! But most of all I must owe it all to Ms. Bolt and Ms. Maritza. Without them, we wouldnt have won. They were literally the masterminds behind the modern, fresh, and awesome choreography. Thanks a million!

  • Angely V. 6 years ago

    Thanks so much! We really put our all into this competition and even though it was our first competition we got first place!! I want to thank Maritza Diaz for being our choreographer and Ms. Ana Bolt .


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