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Compatibility is essential

Love at it's best
Luis & Yvette

How often can you admit that you have found the perfect partner? Only a certain percentage can say they think they have. Years later some of those couples/marriages end up separating or divorced. Why? The simple reason they found themselves “Not Compatible” any longer & tried to stay in the relationship/marriage for the “sake of it.”

Attention world; this is not the solution. You cannot be held for someone else’s happiness. In a relationship or marriage the two of you should have mutual interests from the beginning. You cannot be the ONLY source of happiness for your partner. Whatever brought the two of you together should be the focus on what keeps you together as a couple. If you cannot find what it was perhaps you never had it all and parting ways is best instead of staying together & living miserably.

Learning as much as you can about your partner is a wonderful adventure the two of you will & can experience. It goes along with patience, understanding, compassion, joy and the reality of knowing you really want to be part of it. You and only you will know who that person will be or is. They will enjoy most of the things you love to do as well. The one who will not begin an argument with you because you want to go out and dance and they hate dancing. The one who will order your dinner because they enjoy the same food you do and possibly even finish the sentence you began speaking because you share the same thoughts. How often does that happen?

Compatibility as well as communicating, trust, respect and love are all essential in a relationship/marriage. The day will come when you come across that person who knows what you feel, what you enjoy, how you think and what you want; simply because they feel the same. This is the road to love and a great lasting relationship.

Don’t waste one more second of your time if and when you meet someone and all you hear is “I don’t like that, I don’t do that, I don’t enjoy, I want this, I’m not a ____ person. This person is the “I” type. (only interested in what they want, need, like). Run

Put your interests out on the table, if they connect and future dates show they truly do have same interests this is a great start. (Just be sure later down the line they still share them) some people change after time; when you see that happening you should see this as a signal that it will get worse.

All in all, no matter what kind of ways or rules you set yourself up with to find that special someone; the key to it all is “COMPATIBILITY” it should be there from the beginning. When you have this you will feel it because it all comes down to them being another version of you; hence the saying “We are so alike.”

Remember always to keep in mind that not everything has to be all or nothing but being compatible is great. Look for a person who is happy at doing things with & without you and them not be your entire source of happiness. Sharing the same interests is wonderful but never forget your “me/their time”. When you found this one; he/she will be a keeper!

Compatibility in every way possible equals a loving, lasting relationship

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