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"Compassionate" liberals trash gay Republican candidate

How come Nancy Pelosi isn't defending the gay Republican?
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The ironic thing about liberals and their “compassion and tolerance” is where it ends – only “their people.” A perfect example of this is Monday’s revelation from Carl DeMaio, an openly gay candidate for California's 52nd Congressional District. He claims liberals have been trashing him simply because he's a Republican.

DeMaio, appearing on Wednesday’s Newsmax TV’s “Steve Malzberg Show” said, "I don't wear my orientation on my sleeve, it's who I am. But it doesn't define the thorough breadth of what I am in terms of a leader for San Diego."

The Republican candidate told Malzberg it is not just one group trying to disrupt his campaign, but many including a number of left-leaning groups such as lesbian, bisexual and transgender activists. DeMaio says, "My view is that the left is using social issues as a shiny distraction object because they don't want to talk about issues like fiscal reform, economic prosperity, government accountability, because if they did, they would lose elections."

In one political attack, DaMaio's picture was Photoshopped next to that of a drag queen. "It's a standard set of talking point to demonize the Republican Party. Let's put on the record that the Republican Party has its fair share of problems it's got to deal with on these issues, and that's why I call myself a new-generation Republican," DeMaio said.

There has been no comment from any groups DaMaio mentioned. However, as he pointed out, "These progressive activists are willing to put aside what they claim to want to achieve for LGBT Americans in the name of partisan politics. But I am going to continue to be who I am, which is, I am for inclusion and acceptance and diversity in the Republican Party around a message of reform, fiscal reform, economic prosperity, government accountability."

Will gay activist, House minority leader Nancy Pelosi defend DeMaio?

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