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Compassion Is The Heart Of St. Francis' Veterinary Hospital in Centerton, IN

St. Francis Veterinary Hospital Helps Care For Pets
St. Francis Veterinary Hospital Helps Care For Pets
Melody Schubert

St. Francis' Veterinary Hospital offers pet owners a full service veterinary hospital with professional health care professionals conveniently located in central Morgan County. The core of their practice is their compassion and dedication to each of their patients and their owners.

Dr. Tom Parell, and his Associates preform all levels of routine and preventative health care for pets, including complete medical, surgical, and dental care. Among some of the services pet owners can expect are annual examinations, vaccinations, tests for parasites. They utilize a complete, in-house laboratory where they preform blood work, urinalysis, and numerous test, including tests for heart worms, parvo, feline leukemia, fungal cultures, and pre-surgical screening.

The caring doctors at St. Francis' Veterinary Hospital diagnosis and treat both major and minor illness and injuries as well as care for pets that may require emergency treatment. This includes pets that are sick, require IV fluids, and pets that suffer from serious chronic illnesses. With radiology equipment on site they are able to diagnose injuries of pets who have been hit by a car or suffered a similar accident.

When surgery is needed they make a special effort to insure safety of your pets during procedures. Pets receive the safest anesthesia available before surgery in a sterile environment. During the procedure they are placed on a cardiac monitor, which allows the doctor to monitor their condition throughout the surgery. Pain control medication is also offered post-operatively for the comfort of your animals.

Pet owners will find that at St. Francis' Veterinary Hospital their pets receive the same compassion and care they would expect to receive for themselves. Advances in Veterinary medicines and the use of new technology benefits both the patient and their owners. This includes utilizing the same high-end equipment found in hospitals at their Centerton office located at: 1400 Market Street, just South of Centerbrook Drive-In on Highway 67.

By using electro-surgical and laser units during procedures your pet feels less pain afterwards, there less bleeding, which reduces the risk of complications, and there is less swelling. These techniques can be used during spaying and neutering. They are especially helpful when removing cancerous growths, tumors and warts, declawing of cats, amputations, oral and dental care, and delicate procedures such eye surgery. Electro-surgical and laser equipment is less invasive to surrounding healthy tissue, and because this equipment seals the skin during the procedures it also reduces the risk of infection to your pet.

Dr. Tom Parell, his Associates, and Assistants
will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning your Pets health care, insurance, and treatments for you pets when you call for an appointment at: (317) 831-8231.

Dr. Tom Parell graduated from Ohio State, and later from Pennsylvania with a MBA in business. He has worked with large animals, farm and domestic animals, as well as numerous wildlife throughout his career. He has also worked a Product Manager for Indianapolis based company, Lilly. This experience has allowed him to anticipate his clients needs throughout his Veterinary career.

The staff of St. Francis' Veterinary Hospital is committed to treating your pets with the same compassion as if they were our own. They believe in fostering responsible pet ownership by working with you to find better ways to care for your pets. When seeking treatment at St. Francis' Veterinary Hospital you can be assured you and your pets have access to the most advanced Veterinary techniques available in the field.

They will work closely with you and your pets to help develop attainable expectations and satisfactory results, and provide the superior Veterinary services you expect. Above all else they understand the special bond that exists between you and your pet, and work hard to ensure that you and your pet can share many wonderful, healthy years together.

St. Francis' Veterinary Hospital at Centerton is located at: 1400 Market Street, just South of Centerbrook Drive-In on Highway 67. Call the office at: (317) 831-8231 for information and appointments. 


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