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Comparison site for local grocery bargains leaves much to be desired

Fresh produce and other foods are offered at bargain prices in local circulars.
Fresh produce and other foods are offered at bargain prices in local circulars.
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The offer came via an e-mail from Real Simple magazine-- a free comparison of weekly grocery bargains via, the website that offers you lots of coupons, mostly (at least in my experience) for products you seldom, if ever, use.

Access to the site is free, but it apparently isn’t put together by people who shop in the Milwaukee area, because it is not contains only a partial listing of store bargains, but also is missing many stores where some of the greatest bargains-- and the best quality foods-- can be found.

Here are the stores that this week’s active listing contained: Aldi, Dollar General, K-Mart, Pick’n Save, Sav-A-Lot, Target, and The Fresh Market. Here are the stores that they indicate might potentially be listed but weren’t this week: Family Dollar, GFS Marketplace, Trader Joe’s. Walmart Supercenter, and Target.

GFS Marketplace? It turns out that there are two of these, one in Franklin, and one on Miller Park Way, but they don't list their sales on their website, and like The Fresh Market, their stores are few and far between.

And what was missing from the list? All of the Balistreri’s Sendik’s stores, which have been offering great weekly and daily bargains on high quality foods in 11 locations in and around Milwaukee. And Woodman’s Markets, which also offer great bargains on everything in their well-stocked stores. Also missing are Piggly Wiggly stores and local stores like Lena’s, Grasch’s Foods, Galst Foods, Groppi's, Pete’s, the Kosher Meat Klub and Pacific Produce-- to name just a few-- which also offer great bargains on many foods (including specialty foods).

What kind of bargains did this website miss? This week, Balistreri’s Sendik’s stores are offering jumbo carrots art 49¢ a pound, strawberries at 99¢ a pound, and green onions at 33¢ a bunch (through Tuesday, March 11th). They also have daily specials, like their Sendik’s brand milk on Thursday, when all varieties-- even chocolate-- are just $2 per gallon.

And the local Piggly Wiggly stores (owned by Lena’s) are offering Progresso Classics soup at $1 per can, Roma tomatoes at 99¢ a pound, and Buckley Farms corned beef points at $1.99 a pound. Moreover, if you spend at least $10 on other products, you can use the coupons in their circular (available in the stores) for a 24-ounce Piggly Wiggly white bread for just 69¢ and a 23- to 33.9-ounce can (depending on variety) of Hills Bros. or MJB coffee for just $4.99.

The site might point out some grocery bargains, but you can do better by checking the store circulars (or a store’s website) yourself.

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