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Comparison of O'Malley and Ehrlich's records on taxes and fees


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A few days ago the Washington Post put out a great article comparing the tax and fee policies of the O’Malley and Ehrlich Administrations. It was refreshingly impartial and objective.

While many Republicans in Maryland see Ehrlich as a conservative Republican, according to his record, he isn’t. Ehrlich hiked fees on vehicle registrations, raised fees to license corporations, increased tuition at public universities, and raised property taxes during his tenure as governor. (Although he did not raise income or sales taxes.)

If Ehrlich had instead cut many wasteful state services, such fee and tax increases wouldn’t have been necessary.

However, when compared to O’Malley and his largest tax increase in state history, Ehrlich is obviously the better choice. And many Marylanders are beginning to see that…

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  • Dunn 4 years ago

    If Ehrlich had passed slots where would we be during his time where would we be? According to Baltimore City Council, we would have had a property tax reduction. When PBS spotlighted Govenors who were environmentally friendly, Ehrlich was pictured. in fact. O'M cut Bay funding so much that the Federal Government had to take it over. I guess this is viewed as a good thing for some... But really? Marylander's are judged incompetent of our most precious resource. Let's look at O'M track record. 1st he gave convicted felons the right to vote (purely political), 2nd Cut Bay Funding,raised sales taxes, 4th promoted slots (something we could already have in place), 5th increased business taxes. What exactly has O'M done that has been good for the State? His foreclosure prevention has been a bust. I can't think of single thing he has done to improve Maryland. I wish somebody would tell me. Prior to him had a good thing going.

  • Cecil calvert 4 years ago

    Everyone seems to forget that ehrlichs back was up against the wall dealing with mike miller and mike anti slots busch. Not only that, do u honestly beleive the dems were going to pass anything worthwhile while ehrlich was in office? He want to pass the flush tax at .25 cents and mike miller had it passed at$1.25 cents yet they blame ehrlich for it. Same with property taxes. They got raised because mike miller told him that he could have slots if ehrlich raised the sales tax and corporate tax. Again, with omalley in office, illegal aliens and felons received voting rights and omalley has funded the illegal organization casa de Maryland with a cool mil. That money could have been put to better use. Omalley is nothing more then a skirt chasing futile governor. Rated worst in the country in 2008.