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Comparison and Study of Personal Loans and Lines of Credit

With numerous credit options available to people, they can now fulfill their dreams and aspirations without any kinds of problems. For instance, if you are looking to purchase a property and running short on funds for the same, taking a personal loan might solve the problem. The same theory is applicable when you are looking to repair and renovate your property, planning to buy a car, going on a vacation or for repaying a debt. Now taking a personal loan is not that difficult as it used to be before. Most banks and financial institutions have made taking personal loans easier and most convenient. Flexible terms and conditions are applicable for the loans now and borrowers can choose the one that is most suitable for them.

Some features that are common to personal loans

It is known fact that personal loans vary greatly from one another. You have to choose the best one depending on your financial requirements. Following are some of the common features that are seen in majority of personal loans:

• Usually, the amount borrowed in a personal loan is a lump sum one. Such an amount is required when you are planning to make a big investment for purchasing property, car or other assets.

• The rates of interest of personal loans vary from one another. While in some loans, the rates of interest are fixed; in others the interest rates are variable. It is difficult to say as which option is better. It has been seen that sometimes the interest rates drop quite a bit. In such cases variable interest rates are of great help. Having fixed interest rates will lead to paying more money. Again if interest rates keep on increasing steeply, then one has to pay more money with variable rates. Fixed interest rates prove to be beneficial in such situations.

• The loan amount that you can borrow will vary from one place to another. Another factor that will decide the loan amount is your credit score. When your credit score is good, you can borrow higher amount of money.

• Options of loan repayment also vary from one lending institution to another. While some repayments can be made on monthly basis, some can be on semi-monthly or bi-weekly basis as well. Choose the mode that seems most suitable for you.

Though taking personal loans directly has become very common, many people choose personal lines of credit as well for borrowing money. With this facility, it is possible to have an ongoing borrowing term with different financial institutions. However, it is important that the person has good credit record if he is looking for personal line of credit. Additional flexibility is obtained in these cases. The greatest advantage of availing personal line of credit is that it is an excellent source for getting emergency funds. However, when compared to other borrowing options, the rates of interests that are charged by the institutions offering personal line of credit are quite high. Whatever be the source of borrowing money, it must be kept in mind that the loan amount should be repaid back well in time to avoid further penalties.