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Comparing some types of Olympic and Christian life performances

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On February 23rd the Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia will be ending and the athletes will be traveling back to their home country. As they are doing that, some of them will feel about themselves because they produced a great performance and won an Olympic medal.

There are other athletes that can also feel good about themselves because they produced their best performance, even if that performance wasn’t good enough to win a medal.

However, there are some athletes who will feel terrible about their performance since they either fell or messed up their routine. While some people were able to get back up and finish their routine, others were not able to do that. Some athletes tried to overcome their sense of failure by doing better in another event.

As I have been seeing these different types of athletic performances during the Olympic Games, I have been thinking of the similarities between them and the different types of performances that Christians produce during the race of their journey of life and the way that they will look back on them as they are facing God’s judgment after they have completed the journey of their physical life.

The first type of Christian performances comes from the people who have a solid faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, have God’s principles of living found in the Bible as the foundation for their beliefs and actions, and have been using the power of the Holy Spirit to live according to those principles as they go through their daily activities. They also share God’s messages and love to those people around them. As the result of doing those things they can feel good about their performance in the race of the journey of their physical life.

The second type of Christian performance comes from those people who a solid faith in Jesus as their personal Savior and are using the power of the Holy Spirit to live according to God’s principles as they struggle with the problems of living in an area where they are bombarded with the fleshly temptations and demonic deceptions that are coming out of the entertainment and advertising industries and are trying to distract them away from following God’s principles and thus ruin their spiritual life.

Even if their daily journey of life is a struggle, they are giving a good performance as they have been using God’s power to live by His principles, and when they are attacked by the demonic spiritual forces of darkness, they use their spiritual weapons described in Ephesians 6:10-18, the name of Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit to fight, bind, and then cast any attacking demonic forces into the abyss/lake of fire to stay there forever.

As the result of having Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, living a godly Christian life, winning their spiritual battles, and successfully finishing the race of their physical life; these Christians can have a good feeling when they face God’s judgment and then looking forward to be taken to Heaven, receiving their crown of righteousness (2 Timothy 4:8), and living with Jesus forever.

In contrast to those types of Christian performances, there are those people who can not feel good about themselves because they have given into some fleshly temptations or demonic deceptions and are doing things that are breaking God’s laws and thus deserve God’s punishment for doing those things.

When those temptations or deceptions occur Christians will get alarm messages from the indwelling Holy Spirit telling them about what is happening. Then, Christians have to make a choice of whether to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in asking God to forgive them for breaking His laws, asking God to help them get out of that sinful behavior pattern, and then returning to living an active Christian lifestyle; or they could choose to stay in their sinful behavior and thus face God’s judgment.

If they come back to living an active Christian life by asking Jesus to forgive them and once again spiritually apply His sacrificial atonement on the cross to their lives; then God will forgive them and bring a renewal of the spiritual relationship between them and God.

Even though rebuilding the close relationship with God could take a lot of spiritual work, it will get the Christian back on the right track in the race of the journey of their life so that when they successfully finish that race they can face God’s judgment of their life with Jesus at their side and be taken to Heaven to live with Jesus forever.

Therefore, as Christians see the Olympic champions coming home and hear the stories about how they won their medals, let those stories inspire Christians to give their best performance in the race of their physical life on earth so they can successfully finish that race and can face God’s judgment with Jesus at their side and then be taken to Heaven to live with Jesus forever!



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